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Air Duct Cleaning Tips Nashville
Air Duct Cleaning Tips Nashville can help you save money on heating bills and furnace, air-conditioner or HVAC unit repairs. Additionally, keeping your air ducts regularly cleaned can improve the air quality of your home’s insider air while dramatically lessening the amount of dust build up over time.

Why Accumulated Dust is Bad for Your Heating/Cooling Unit

Many homeowners are unaware that heavy buildup of dust, dirt and debris inside the air ducts leading back to the heating/cooling unit can damage those expensive large home appliances. Over time, all of that dust and gunk gets into the furnace’s intricate motor parts and can cause them to malfunction over time.

How Dusty or Dirty Air Ducts Aggravate Allergies

Those that suffer from allergies or some type of lung condition will generally feel worse when their indoor living environment is full of airborne dust particles and other allergens.

Air vents and ducts are hard to get to for proper cleaning. Take time to consider more air duct cleaning tips Nashville inhabitants can do themselves.

Supplies Needed To Clean Out Air Ducts Yourself

Cleaning out air ducts yourself can resolve upwards of 80% of problems associated with dirty and dusty air ducts. You will need the following supplies that include:

  • Shop vac or other industrial strength vacuum
  • Furnace filter
  • Screwdriver or other tool to remove vent/duct fasteners
  • Paper towels or rags for cleaning
  • Sturdy brush for scrubbing – try a toilet bowl brush

DIY Air Duct Cleaning Steps

1. Cover all air duct vents with paper towels or cloths.
The register vents should lift easily up. Wrap with paper towel or clean cloth and replace. This step keeps dislodged dust and other debris from getting into the air during the cleaning process.

2. Turn on furnace fan, or run heat by increasing temperature settings.

Many furnaces and HVACs have a fan-run only option. Turn this on to blow dislodged debris up and out of air duct system. If there is no fan-only mode, turn up the heat by dialing up thermostat setting.

3. Make sure current furnace filter is in place.

Keep old filter in place during cleaning. Ensure the old filter is still intact. This prevents the dislodged material from getting into the inner furnace motor parts which could damage them.

4. Use brush to dislodge dust/grime within air ducts.

Most furnaces have air duct access points in the basement or lower floor level. Use the brush and scrub ducts thoroughly.

5. Clean out supply and return register vents.

Lift off these covers, and vacuum in duct as far as you can reach. Wash the cover with warm soapy water and allow to dry.

One air duct cleaning tip by Nashville air duct cleaning experts is to have a screwdriver handy for loosening return register fasteners.

6. Replace furnace filter.

Consider Calling Professionals

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