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Nashville homeowners have reported some disturbing air duct cleaning company scams. It is crucial to have your home’s air ducts regularly cleaned to ensure that your inside air is free from common airborne lung irritants. Before hiring a company to perform this job, do some informative research first. Unfortunately, there are shady air duct cleaning companies that entice new customers by offering a ridiculously low price. These outfits often quote a reasonable price, but then they change the price once they arrive at the customer’s home. They often state that their “special price” only includes a lower amount of ducts and other system parts.

Don’t be fooled into allowing this sort of company to clean your air ducts. These unqualified companies typically do not have the proper equipment to get the job completed safely or correctly. These fly-by-night operations typically perform shoddy work, and they make false claims about the time it takes to do this job. Reputable air duct cleaners typically take 4 to 8 hours. Avoid scammers that claim that the work can be finished in just 1 to 2 hours. Never hire an air duct cleaning company that charges by the hour, and avoid those that name prices too good to be true. At HVAClean in Nashville, we practice honest business practices and deliver top-quality work.

There are some recommended ways to determine if an air duct cleaning company is honest and experienced. Check to see if the company gets a good review from the National Air Duct Cleaners Association or NADC. Also check if the company is in good standing with your local Business Bureau serving the Nashville region. Top air duct cleaning businesses will have enough years in business to gain the necessary skills and knowledge. Access for more details and blog articles. Phone 615-371-5355.