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Many fires are attributed to malfunctioning dryers. These fires frequently involve uncleaned dryer ducts clogged with lint, dirt and other debris. Nashville residents can call our experienced crew to clean out dryer ducts and ensure that fire hazards are fixed. Learn how to deeply clean your dryer duct in 5 easy steps.

Locate the Dryer Duct and Vent

Find the exhaust pipe on the back of your dryer. This is often a metal elbow that connects to duct work inside the wall. The dryer duct exits the home and vents hot air outside. This is often covered by a vent guard that opens to allow hot air escape. The vent guard stays closed otherwise blocking pests and animals.

Disconnect Dryer From Duct Work Safely

Turn off, and unplug your electric dryer. Carefully disconnect your dryer away from the duct work. This may require unscrewing clamps. Gently pull dryer away from wall. Call a professional through our Nashville office, or follow your dryer owner’s manual, to disconnect natural gas dryers.

Carefully Clean Inside Ducts with Proper Cleaning Tools

Purchase a cleaning kit for dryer vents. Connect the two 6′ extension rods to get 12′ tool that extends from lint brush. Attach end to a power-drill chuck. Spin tool counter-clockwise so rod doesn’t disconnect. Direct loosened debris outside duct vent.

Safely Reconnect Everything, and Change Fire Hazard Part if Found

Safely reconnect everything when through. Change flimsy and flammable foil duct connector if present.

Turn On Dryer, and Test Run a Load

Test run a load of wet clothes to ensure proper dryer operation.

If your dryer begins to take longer to dry a load, the problem may be a clogged dryer duct. Call our friendly Nashville team at 615-371-5355. Visit today.