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There are many homes and businesses throughout the United States and around the world that rely on the cool air that air conditioning systems provide. Many areas are seeing unusually hot weather patterns and temperatures. This has certainly been the case for Nashville. The hot and humid weather increases air conditioner use and raises energy costs. Medical experts have seen a significant rise in allergy symptoms, asthma attacks and respiratory issues like the flu, bronchitis and pneumonia. Emergency rooms and doctor’s offices have attributed many of these respiratory ailments to uncleaned AC ducts that continue to circulate lung irritants and even mold spores throughout the home or building.

Cleaning these AC ducts is an important part of ensuring better overall air quality in the spaces the AC unit services. Homeowners should add cleaning their HVAC or other air conditioning units to their regular cleaning and maintenance schedule. Individuals that live in an air conditioned rental property or apartment near Nashville often don’t think that their air conditioner would have anything to do with the increased illnesses of anyone living there. Many apartment owners only perform the barest of regular AC maintenance that often doesn’t include a thorough duct cleaning.

If you are living in an older home or apartment, the AC unit might be old as well. When individuals begin to notice increased lung symptoms like asthma attacks, allergy outbreaks, more bouts with cold/flu related symptoms and generalized poor health, they should consider that their air conditioner could be making them ill. It is estimated that an uncleaned AC duct could be hiding 800+ dust mites. These tiny mites then leave over 20,000 waste pellets. Eliminate this health risk by browsing our available services here at Call us to perform this crucial AC duct cleaning task by dialing 615-371-5355.